Fire Ring Panels

Portable fire rings are easy to transport and we can ship to customers across the lower 48 states. Choose from the panel designs shown below to create your very own custom fire ring. Or call to inquire about having custom designed panels made (pricing varies). Panels are 21″ wide by 12″ high and made of 1/8″ steel sheet. Please use the associated part number (PN) from the panels below when ordering.
All panels come painted with a high temperature black powder coat and cost $25 per panel. Shipping is extra.

5 assembled panels create a 35″ diameter ring.
6 assembled panels create a 44″ diameter ring.

See our PARK FIRE PIT found under the store tab as well.
UP With Counties Cutout
PN 89012978
UP With Counties Cutout
UP Fire Ring Panel
PN 89012984
Standard UP Cutout
Dog and Cat Fire Ring Cutout
PN: 89012988
Dog and Cat Cutout
Compass Fire Ring Cutout
PN: 89012991
Compass Cutout
Pointer Fire Ring Cutout
PN: 89012992
Golf Fire Ring Panel
PN: 89012993
Deer Cutout Fire Ring Panel
PN: 89012994
Deer Cutout
Fish Fire Ring Panel
PN: 89012996
Lighthouse Panel Fire Ring
PN: 89012997
Lighthouse Panel
Stallion Fire Ring Panel
PN: 89013001
Wild Horse Fire Ring Cutout
PN: 89013002
Wild Horse
Bear Fire Ring Cutout
PN: 89013448
Duck Fire Ring Panel
PN: 89013751
Sun Moon Fire Ring Cutout
PN: 89014184
Sun Moon Cutout
Viking Head Fire Ring Panel
PN: 89014544
Viking Head
Purple Hornets Fire Ring Cutout
PN: 89014555
Purple Hornets Cutout
Patriot Fire Ring Cutout
PN: 89014667
Patriot Cutout
Moose Fire Ring Cutout
PN: 89014819
Moose Cutout
Chevy Bowtie Cutout
PN: 89015108
Chevy Cutout
Fire Panel Dog Nature
PN: 89015132
PN: 89015183
Ford Fire Ring Panel
PN: 89015184
Colorado Fire Ring Panel
PN: 89015182
Hummingbird Fire Ring Panel
Moon Tree Fire Ring Panel
PN: 89015181
Moon Tree Fire Ring Panel